The famous Buoy 10 salmon fishery out of Astoria, Oregon provides an excellent opportunity for anglers to target the notorious Chinook Salmon. Chinook Salmon are also referred to as King Salmon.

Once you have hooked into one of these beauty’s and felt the pulling power of a mighty King taking line off your reel, you will be hooked forever.

Fall salmon season opens on August 1 and can run into late September. In the first portion of the season, we will be mainly focusing on catching these large kings.

Each incoming tide brings new batches of fish heading to the spawning grounds of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The Chinook fishery is usually decent in early August and ramps up every day. By the middle of the month, the King fishing is in full swing, producing lots of opportunities for limits of these prominent fish.

Chinook Salmon can range from 8-40 pounds with an occasional scale tipper of 50 pounds.

We hope you enjoyed this brief Chinook Salmon general report.

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