Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing charters are the newest guided fishing tour offered by First Pass Outfitters.  After numerous requests that we start offering Steelhead fishing trips from our returning customers, we are happy to offer another fishing experience on the Columbia River!

Steelhead Fishing First Pass Outfitters

Steelhead Fish in the Columbia River

Steelhead fish are of the trout species of fish.  They are endangered in some geographic locations, but not in the Upper Columbia River.

Steelheads caught in Astoria

The Trick to Catching Steelheads

The trick to catching Steelhead fish near Buoy 10 all comes down to using the right bait and lures.  It also helps when you have a native of Astoria like Curtis guiding your tour taking you right to the Steelhead hotspots!

Steelhead Pricing
Per Person

$250 Per Person

Book a seat for yourself or your entire family of up to 6 total passengers.

If you do have 6 people in your party and but not all of you want to participate in the Steelhead fishing while on the boat, non-fishers can ride along for $200 each.

It’s the law to have a fishing license to fish the Columbia River even while visiting.  Learn how to get licensed.

Everything you need to fish will be included.  Please still read our what to bring information to recommendations on what else you should bring.

Steelhead Pricing
Book The Boat

$1500 Books The Boat

The boat seats up to 6 of your friends and family.  You can have less in your party and still book the boat!

By booking the entire boat you get to enjoy a private crabbing trip with Curtis Bunney, the First Pass Outfitter captain.

$1500 books the boat for 8 full hours on the date you select with our target catch being the Steelhead fish.

Please make sure you read what to bring and what we provide.  Most importantly, you will need a fishing license to fish.  Please reference our information about getting a 1-day or 3-day license while you are visiting Northwest Oregon.

What you need to bring...

Most importantly anyone who would like to partake in fishing while on our boat needs to have a valid Oregon or Washington Fishing License and Harvest Card.  This is the law and we play by the rules!

We recommend you bring lunch and drinks, and snacks if desired.

Other items you should consider bringing considering we will be on a boat and outdoors include sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, chapstick, rain gear, and waterproof boots.

Bring a camera if you’d like to take photos or video.

Seasickness medicine is recommended if you know or think you may get seasick while on a boat.

We provide an ice chest for fish storage while on our boat.  If you’d like to transport fish back to your home or wherever you are staying on your visit to Astoria, please bring a cooler to properly transport your catch.

Learn more.

What we provide...

First and foremost we provide a licensed, experienced, and qualified caption to guide you on your trip.

Learn more about First Past Outfitters and Curtis Bunney.

We provide a family-friendly guided fishing tour of the Columbia River on a modern and safe boat.

We also supply all of the bait and all of the fishing gear.

We will also provide storage for your catch while on our boat and offer to clean your catch upon our return to the doc.

Learn more.

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This Trip Lasts 8 Hours

seasonal fishing

Best Time For This Trip

Late June-September

‘In-Season’ Rating By Month

  • June 20% 20%
  • July 60% 60%
  • August 80% 80%
  • September 60% 60%

seasonal fishing

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Do not miss this Steelhead fishing adventure of a lifetime with your captain Curtis Bunney and First Pass Outfitters.

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